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5 Foreplay Ideas to Have the Most Steamy Sex Tonight

Steamy sex needs creative foreplay ideas. There are all kinds of foreplay ideas out there that it is almost impossible for you to run out of ideas. As you know, research has shown that foreplay plays an extremely important role to intensify orgasm and achieve great sex. Therefore, it is your responsibility to get as many foreplay ideas as possible so as to give your lover a fulfilled sexual experience every time.

I will now share with you 5 steamy foreplay ideas. Be sure to save them and compile into your own mini-foreplay ideas library:

Steamy Idea #1: Sex games. Playing sex games before sex is definitely a great way to build up the desire, passion and mood for sex. Sex games help to create anticipations for sex in your lover’s mind, which at the same time delaying the act of sex for greater desire and passion later on. There are lots of different sex games and ideas whereby you will not run out of any idea. You just have to look for them.

Steamy Idea #2: Sex toys. The power of sex toys has been underestimated by most couples. When sex toys are used together with story lines and videoing, they can bring up the most incredible sex that you and your lover can ever enjoy.

Steamy Idea #3: Role playing. Role playing can help to satisfy each other sexual fantasies, as well as bring fun and eroticism into the bedroom. A good role playing comes with a story plot obtained from books or pornography, whereby the both of you can act out every details of a steamy scene together. There are sex games which also allow you and your lover to role play, achieving more excitement and desire for sex.

Steamy Idea #4: Go slow. A good foreplay needs to be done slowly. Man is always eager to get “into” the woman, but women usually need time to be aroused and get into moods for sex. Kiss and caress every part of her body, as this will slowly get her into the mood for sex.

Steamy Idea #5: Kiss the right way. Fast and furious kisses may sometime spoil the mood for sex. Most women will not want to rush into sex so quickly. With kisses on neglected erogenous zones of hers, you will be turning her on gradually. Women love kissing during sex as it shows love and desire, therefore it will be wise for you to kiss the right way if you want to please her in bed.

The above are only just 5 foreplay ideas that you can use to increase your own sexual pleasures. Remember to gather as much information about foreplay ideas and games as you can so that you will never run out of ideas in the bedroom.

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