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The Best Showerheads For Your Enclosures

A decent showerhead will make all the difference to your time spent in a shower. If the water comes out in an ineffectual lukewarm trickle, there will be nothing pleasant about showering. A top-of-the-range, powerful showerhead not only looks stylish but also offers the best water pressure and temperature control. ...

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Decorating With Bedroom Accessories

It’s time to give your bedroom a new look. It’s important to use all the decorating weapons in your arsenal, especially bedroom accessories. Accessories are essentially defined as all the elements in a room that are not mainly there for the room’s function. A bed would not be considered an ...

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Japanese Soaking Tubs – An Escape From the Stress

One of the greatest aspects of living in a world as diverse as ours is the varying culture and way of looking at life many people adopt. In Japan, for example, the everyday practice of bathing goes beyond simply a means to cleanse the body; but rather becomes a cleansing ...

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The Oriental Vs. Contemporary Bedroom Design Theory

Dear friends, If you have read any interior design books/articles, visited a few websites on the internet, you will find the word theme used quite often. What exactly is a theme-based design? A theme according to me is a collection of various parameters of design of an interior space. So ...

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Wall Lamps to Enhance the Decor of Your Master Bedroom

People are shifting to smaller residences for either reasons of global recession or something else. When they start living in these small houses, they feel that the master bedroom is not large and needs some kind of decoration. When the talk is on interior decor, lighting plays an important role ...

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Ideas For Decorating a Bathroom

Bathroom decorating ideas abound but quite often it seems that a bathroom either gets forgotten or people assume there is little they can do to change the decor of their bathroom. Out of all the rooms in your house your bathroom is one of the most used rooms, with daily ...

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