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Caring For Your Child When They Have a Headache

Children who are old enough to communicate fairly clearly, it's a little easier to help them when they are ill. Headaches are a common malady in all age groups, and youngsters are no exception. Here are a few tips on how to cope: Determine the Cause : Allergies, a virus, ...

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The Uses of Trundle Beds

Trundles are an ideal solution when there is a sudden need for an extra sleeping quarter. A friend or relative could come to stay, expected or not, and an extra mattress is required. If your guests include a young child, sharing a room with the host’s child or children is ...

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A Checklist for Acoustics in Class

Finding the reasons why children are having issues with learning at a basic level can be a tough experience for parents and guardians. It is imperative for parents and guardians to pay adequate attention to the environment which accommodates the classroom where their children are being taught. Research has shown ...

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How To Choose Great Living Room Furniture

With the amount of time that most families spend in their living room, it is no wonder that it is the most popular room in the house and the furniture in it is also the most popular. Your living room furniture should be as comfortable as it is stylish, so ...

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Expert Advice: Choosing Paint Colors for Interior Walls

There’s something magic about painting your home. First, it’s incredibly inexpensive. You can almost completely transform the way guests feel when they step through your front door for a less-than-$100 investment in paint and needed materials. And, second, paint is powerful. When you choose the right color, it makes everything ...

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Cool Tips Before Getting Home With the Newborn

Kudos to all your enterprising skills but there is still a lot more to do. The final trimester is actually more of fun as you start planning on how to take care of your baby. There are e-books to read, cool tips on nursing, importance of breastfeeding lessons and new ...

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Protecting Our Children From Sexual Predators

Are we feeding our lambs to the wolves? Do you ever stop to think about how secured is the children’s ministry in your church? If you had something to do that would only take an hour, would you leave your child with a convicted child molester to look after him ...

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