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The city was silent. A faint mist drifted on the surface of the water, lit by the bright white glow that emanated from the two moons above in the ink-black sky. Islands littered the lake, twisted spikes of darkness jutting from the level surface of the water, and there, on ...

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The Top 10 Gothic Home Decorating Ideas

Gothic home décor and decorations, either you love it or you hate it. Dreaming of gravely pale dried red roses against a medieval throne chair is enough to make the most macabre damsel weak in the knees. There are various different types of Gothic decorations, ranging from gravestone etched art ...

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Symbols That Scare – 13 Common Artifacts of Horror

Most films use patterns or specific objects as metaphors for a concept that the filmmaker is trying to convey. In horror movies, many such objects are used to intensify mood, identify character traits, emphasize themes and concepts (eg good vs. evil), and foreshadow events. Objects can be powerful symbols that ...

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Five Expert Tips for Small Bathroom Design

Granted, it is easier to renovate a large bathroom, but there are still activities that you can undertake to renovate a bathroom even if space constraints are an issue. So keep reading on and find out how you can turn your small bathroom into a design masterpiece. Floor Tiles: Large ...

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HDMax Extreme Review

If you’re looking to get a professional action camera to video your extreme outdoor sports, there are a few different cameras to consider that are all around the same price range and all do the same basic thing. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the new HDMax ...

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Advantages of a Corner Bathroom Vanity

A corner bathroom vanity is more commonly used to alleviate a layout problem in an oddly shaped or small bathroom. Even though corner vanities are hard to find, they can solve many different design dilemmas including lack of walking space, the need for a larger bathtub, or even to add ...

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