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Decorating the Bedroom

Since we spend about one third of our lives sleeping and a lot of our down time in the bedroom, it is important to make the space as warm and inviting as possible. Furnishing the bedroom with furniture that will ensure our comfort and ability to relax is of vital ...

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How to Hire a Decorative Artist for Your Home

Hiring a decorative artist to work in your home is a personal experience. From the beginning planning stage to the actual process of painting, a homeowner and artist will spend many hours together. Below are five tips to aid the creative process, and insure you hire the most qualified studio ...

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Feng Shui Decorating Tips For The Bedroom

Feng Shui: This is the ancient Chinese art of arranging objects, furniture and decor in a fluidly moving way. This method is used in creating a positive energy space of yin and yang with the flow of chi. In doing so, it is believed that the rest of your life ...

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Our Visit to Aquila and Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserves

An opportunity to bring you details of the nearest safari experience to Cape Town and spend a night conversing with Mother Nature captured our imagination this month. Packing in true explorer style (light & effective) only a small overnight bag, we headed east over the magnificent & majestic Hottentots Holland ...

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Clothing and Fashion for Men

One of the most popular item purchased by people shopping for men's clothing are t-shirts. T-shirts are a great option for building a man's wardrobe. This is because t-shirts come in a variety of great colors, they offer a great selection of designs, and they come in either long sleeved ...

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7 Creative Ways to Add Colors to Your Home Decor

Are you scared of color because you are scared of committing? Color is an effective way to bring personality, and create a focal point in your home’s spaces. Unexpected utilization of colors speaks volumes about your personal style as well as sets your home apart. Decorating your space, in terms ...

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Is it Okay For Men to Wear Thongs?

Can Men Wear Thongs? The thong is a garment worn as either underwear or as a swimsuit by both women and men. The garment from the front can look like a regular bikini bottom, but on the back the material that holds the front up is reduced to a minimum. ...

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