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Different Styles of Shower Enclosures

Shower enclosure styles are becoming more well-designed and sophisticated. From the simple walk-in design to the striking appearance of the frameless enclosures, showers are getting every more attractive, and yet still come at a prices that isn’t likely to break the bank. A primary concern to selecting a shower enclosure often relates to how it will look once installed in the bath or shower room.

Whether you are looking to renovate an existing shower room, or just moved into a property that is in desperate need of updating, the choice of shower enclosure might well consist of –

Framed Shower Enclosure – the first type and the most common of the three styles mentioned is the framed enclosure, and comes in an almost endless choice of sizes, colors, door styles. Versatile in design, these enclosure are designed to slide open, fold-up, or open outwards, and due to a wide-range of sizes, from extra small to large, they are able to fit almost anywhere, even fitting tight spots in the bathroom, such as alcoves or corners. Since these enclosures are most wide-spread, they are competitively priced, which makes them the shower design of choice by just by about anyone. An enclosure of this nature gives a traditional, reliable and hard-wearing option for anyone wishing to up-date a tired looking bathroom.

Frameless Shower Enclosure – to give a shower room a modern and fresh look you might want to look at the availability of the frameless enclosures. Although, these have no door, they are often just as versatile as the framed variety. Shower screens of this nature are generally secured in place via wall brackets, which brings with it the benefit of giving more freedom in design, with the option to go with modern curved or similar contours. As you would expect, a seamless shower set-up of this type is quite expensive, so not as commonly featured in a traditional homes, but a popular choice of the style-conscious. These are perfect for those with the budget to invest and looking to create a truly stylish and modern bathroom.

Semi-Framed Shower Enclosure – if unable to afford the high-rates of a frameless enclosure, but really like the look it offers, it might be worthwhile looking at the next best option, the semi-framed enclosure. Basically this enclosure type comes with a frame on each side of the door, but not at the top or bottom, which is quite effective at giving the appearance of the frameless style, but makes the cost that much more affordable.

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