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Home Decorating Tips and Ideas

There are many different things you can do to your small bedroom space to capture the feeling of warmth and relaxation.

* Choose colors in your bedding and wall paint that are warm and inviting. For instance, browns, golds, reds, and terra cottas are very calming and welcoming.

* Don’t be afraid to layer fabrics to blend the colors and give added warmth. It’s easy to layer window dressing and table coverings in the room and then accent the layers with blankets and pillows.

* Patterns can create an optical illusion of great space in a small room. If you are new to decorating, try blending floral patterns with stripes and solids that bring out all the colors in each piece.

* Accessories are fantastic expressions of style, but be careful not to overdo it. You can accent with jewelry, but too much will make the room look cluttered. To avoid the “cluttered” look, use closet organizing systems, under-the-bed storage systems, and furniture to house all your personal belongings.

You’d rather have an open and airy bedroom, instead?

If it is an open and airy bedroom you seek that let’s you wake up feeling fresh and renewed, then try these decor ideas.

* Cool colors such as green, purple and blue will create a sense of a more open room. The lighter tints really open up a small space.

* Window dressings should be simple to add to the airy feeling of the room. No-frill shades accented by sheers or side curtains can give you that effect. Keep the colors of the wall and window the same and the room will look even bigger. Letting the light through the window is important, so make sure the window dressings do not block the natural light from the room.

* Do not go overboard on variety of patterns and colors. Getting that airy, fresh look and feel can be achieved by accenting white with only one color.

* Accessories are great, but stick to one or two pieces of art or knick-knacks, rather than several smaller pieces which could look cluttered.

* Everything should have a place, and everything should be in its place. It is easier to keep the room looking light and airy when those things are properly put away.

It’s hard to think of home decorating tips for small bedrooms, but these are some of the best ideas for creating that special place in that tiny space.

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