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How to Talk Dirty to My Boyfriend Without Feeling Stupid

I didn't know how to talk dirty to my boyfriend but I'm glad I learned ho to because it's improved our sex life so much. There are a few things you should know before you start talking dirty to a guy because you don't want to say the wrong things. I didn't have the first clue what to say, there were things which I'd thought of saying to him before but I didn't want him to think that I was some kind of sex freak.

One of the first things you need to decide is, how comfortable are you about talking dirty to him? Some women really aren't comfortable with this at all; this is all down to a lack of confidence. Don't worry if you don't feel confident straight away, I started feeling confident once I saw his reaction to what I was saying.

If you spend a lot of time thinking "I don't know how to talk dirty to my boyfriend" you will start to freak out a little, this is what happened to me; just remember to breathe and take a minute to compose yourself. There shouldn't be any pressure on you to get this right the first time you try it, it's easier if you have a couple of ideas before you start.

Talking dirty doesn't have to be done in the bedroom, you can do it in the shower, watching TV or even while you're on the phone. Here's one which worked for me when I first started talking dirty to my boyfriend, I used to phone him and say "hey big boy, why don't you drop what you're doing and rush over here; I've just got out of the shower and I'm still naked and wet ". Another one which I used when we were out at a restaurant was "do you think that the main course will be long because I'm not wearing any panties and I want you for dessert", both of these proved to have the desired effect on him.

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